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Project #14

Zulu Bus:

Jon’s 1967 split came in with an original SO-42 interior but sadly it had some water damage. Loving the original interior design he asked me to build a new one in oak but with some tweaks for his photography business.

He needed some of the cabinets to be slightly bigger than the original as well as having larger doors so be could get his photography gear into the cupboards.

We also added a fridge and a heater unit with a bespoke control housing just behind the drivers seat.

One of my favourite features is the roof lining, again all in oak. From front to back it is one length of oak. All the grain lines up and it looks fantastic.

The theme of the the interior was a black and white stained oak that inspired the name Zulu Bus. We used all the original catches and hinges from the SO-42 interior as well at the water tank and pump.

Unlike the original interior which was made with pretty wide tolerances, Jon’s interior doesn’t require the rubber T-section on all the joins. This interior was made to fit, even the buddy seat frame is cut to fit the fat biscuit upholstery.

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