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  • Project #14

    Zulu Bus: Jon’s 1967 split came in with an original SO-42 interior but...

  • Project #13

    BOB AND KATHY: This was a very exciting project, as Bob and Kathy’s Bus was...

  • Project #12

    BENEFIT: Benefit came to Interior Motive for a mobile beauty bar. Simon...

  • Project #11

    HELEN AND JANE: These two sisters were looking for a weekend van. This interior...

  • Project #10

    BRUCE: Bruce had done some research prior to coming to Interior Motive; he...

  • Project #8

    GREG: Greg is a jewellery designer and worked closely with Simon on the design...

  • Project #7

    BOB: Bob was looking for an oriental express train carriage-style, with a...

  • Project #6

    SIMON: Simon came to Interior Motive wanting something different: with this...

  • Project #3

    ANDY: Andy came to Simon wanting a copy of an Early curved cabinet Devon...

  • Project #2

    STUART: Stuart bought his van to Interior Motive with the instruction to create...


VolksWorld – May 06

Urban Warrior Barndoor Deluxe Samba

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VolksWorld – Mar 05

Premium Camper The Red Stripe bus is one of the most iconic vehicles in the UK.  

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Project #1

RED STRIPE BUS: This was the first corporate vehicle by Interior Motive in conjunction with the Paint Box, Pro Sign, and Bernard Newbury. This interior incorporated two fridges in the rear to use at surf events and festivals to promote Red Stripe Lager. Featured in Camper and Commercial and Volksworld and David Eccles book. Won [...]

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VW Camper & Commercial – Autumn 2004

The Red Stripe promotional van. Best interior WINNER at Bug Jam July 2004.

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